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Passion for People, Success and Giving Back Our Inaugural Featured Client – Ms. Terray Glasman


We are proud to announce the addition of our Featured Client page on the Michael Binns Insurance and More Blog. This page will be updated periodically highlighting one of our many extra-ordinary clients.

Our inaugural Featured Client edition showcases a very talented and driven professional – Ms. Terray Glasman.  Originally hailing from Mexico City, Mexico, Terray moved to the United States at a very young age with her Mother.  It was her Mother who instilled the work ethic, drive and passion to be successful and capture a piece of the American dream.

Terray moved to Texas when she was just 6 years old – she still claims Mexico as her “home”.  Her humble beginnings did not allow her to attend college.   In fact, due to family obligations, she only made it to the 11th grade.

“I came from very humble beginnings growing up in Mexico”, says Glasman.  “I’d rather give than receive, I’d rather buy a pair of shoes for someone who might need them instead of having two pairs for myself. When you grow up poor you learn to be good to others.”

Having an exceptional ability to connect with people, as well as a keen business sense and drive for success – early in her young adult days Terray saw an opportunity in the rapidly growing telecommunications industry.

She moved to California and became a Sales Representative for a large telecommunications firm you may have heard of – AT&T.

It didn’t take her long to gain recognition – she quickly moved up the results ladder, gaining valuable experience and knowledge along the way.

Terray told us: “I started with AT&T in sales and it was challenging – but it was the fastest way for me to acquire the art of selling.  To me, successful entrepreneurs are good salespeople; I woke up every day passionate for what I was doing.”

In 1986, after getting that “entrepreneurial itch”, Terray decided to move back to Texas and start her own telecommunications business, which still services customers today.

The itch, however, has not gone away – and neither has her ties and passion for her homeland.

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Enter:  Amorada Tequila.  A passionate, Top-Shelf high quality tequila created and hand bottled in Mexico.

“My passion for Tequila started at a young age” says Ms. Glasman.  “To us in Mexico, drinking Tequila at family gatherings was like drinking fine wine in the states.  One day I woke up and decided that not only would I bring an amazing product to my home state of Texas, but also bring the quality and taste I grew up loving – smooth, quality tequila…and the passion I feel for the sweet agave.”

Her vision, however, went far beyond just the ultra-premium Tequila.  She felt that the bottle it is housed in, should reflect the quality of the Tequila within so, she set out on the arduous task of creating the perfect bottle, which took several years of designing, numerous obstacles and an eventual design patent.

Every bottle produced by Amorada is hand-crafted, blasted, hand-capped and hand-labeled.  Because of this, unique imperfections may occur and not one bottle will be exactly the same as the other, resulting in each bottle being a collector’s item of sorts.

“We do all this in order to give our customer the most authentic Tequila experience this side of Mexico”, says Glasman.  “We are very excited to introduce Amorada Tequila to the great city of Austin, Texas, whose culture, love for life and passion matches that of our own.”

“I may not be the most interesting woman in the world but my Tequila sure is!” – Terray Glasman, CEO of Amorada Tequila.





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