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6 Reasons to Consider Juvenile Life Insurance

Juvenile Life Insurance

6 Reasons to Consider Juvenile Life Insurance

Juvenile life insurance is permanent, affordable insurance that can provide your children or grandchildren with their own life insurance policy as well as benefits above and beyond what your own life insurance policy may offer them.  Here are 6 reasons to consider juvenile life insurance.

Why do people insure their children and grandchildren?

There are many reasons:

  • A medical exam is typically not required and coverage is guaranteed for life1, regardless of the future health of the child.
  • The cost of insurance for a child is typically less than similar coverage for an adult. Some policies offer an option to purchase additional insurance in the future, regardless of insurability.
  • Over time, the policy may accumulate cash value. This cash value can be used to pay future premiums.
  • You may withdraw or borrow funds from the policy generally income tax free.
  •  Unlike funds in 529 college savings plans, a juvenile life insurance policy’s cash value doesn’t have to be used specifically for education. It can be used for other purposes such as wedding expenses or a down payment on a home, for example.
  • Juvenile life insurance may also helpful for estate planning by providing for the tax-efficient transfer of wealth.  See your estate planning expert for details.

How is it different than college savings plans?

Let’s say you want to accumulate funds for your child or grandchild’s future college tuition. You may consider a 529 savings plan. There may be up-front tax savings which might be attractive, but if your child or grandchild’s college plans change, withdrawal restrictions will generally apply.

With limited exceptions, you can only withdraw money that you invest in a 529 plan for eligible higher education expenses without incurring taxes and penalties.

In contrast, a permanent life insurance policy’s cash value can be withdrawn or borrowed tax-free by the policy owner for any purpose. It can be used to help the child purchase a car, a home, or even to start a business.

If the child goes to college as planned, under current rules, the cash value that has accumulated in a permanent life policy won’t have to be declared and counted against them when it’s time to qualify for financial aid.

Although each educational institution may treat assets held in a 529 plan differently, investing in a 529 plan will generally reduce a student’s eligibility to participate in need-based financial aid.

Consider a non-traditional and versatile gift for your child or grandchild. Let’s talk about how the cash value in a permanent juvenile life insurance policy can potentially provide your children or grandchildren with a lifetime of financial and life insurance options!

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