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Are you a Realtor?  Mortgage Broker?  Builder?  Car Dealer?

If so, you will want to read on…but only if you are interested in learning about a turn key business partnership designed to help grow your revenue through repeat and referral business.

Wait, refePartnership Picturerrals you say?  Those little word of mouth recommendations for top of mind caring professionals that result in 70% more contracts and/or purchases?  Perhaps I have your attention at this point…..

Question:  What if there was a system out there that could take your past clients and set them up several times during the year with greeting card quality communication pieces?

Question:  What if these cards came via an old fashioned hand prepared and mailed envelope containing only your name and business information?

Question:  What if you were notified  via email telling you what  card went out, what day that card went out, and which client that piece went to?

Question:  What if that email included your client’s phone number so that all you have to do is pick up the phone and make a quick call to your past client, see how things are going and get caught up and perhaps ask if they have any friends or family in the market for what you offer?

Question:  What if you could participate in this type of program  at zero cost to you, no work on your part (well, actually we need some of your business cards) and it went on for up to 5 years?

Great News, we have your Answer – Here’s how it works:

  • Initial get together (coffee shop, your office, etc..) to show you the actual 1st year Cards that will be sent to your clients from YOU, and obtain 20-25 business cards.
  • We will enter your name and business info into our referrer system.
  • When your clients need help with their insurance you refer them to my Agency.
  • Once we have issued at least 1 policy for them, they become a mutual client, which allows us to offer you this service.
  • We send the 1st year’s worth of cards to our fulfillment center and start the campaign, you receive an email after each card is sent.

We will continue the campaign for a maximum of 5 years as long as we have at least one policy in force.  Each year our mutual client will receive a new set of cards, and you will continue receiving emails at the time they are mailed.

What are others saying about the program?

We currently have a dozen partners plugged into this system.  They are enjoying a zero cost zero effort client relations system that will keep them top of mind and in front of the pack.

Doug and Twilla Vogelsass, owners ofDoug and Twilla Agents for Change Real Estate have been on the system for 2 years and have this to say;

“Michael’s Referral program is great.  We simply refer clients and before long we are getting emails confirming another card has been sent.  Our clients stay connected to us and we are realizing additional lift in referrals and repeat business – at no cost or effort on our part, it’s great!”

Harold McGee, owner of CapTex Real Estate told usHarold;

“I love Michael’s system, we do nothing more than refer clients and they do the rest.  The email notifications are especially helpful, they remind me to reach out which only re-enforces my business in their eyes.”

If you would like to become a referral partner with us, simply click the blue “Contact” tab to schedule a meet up, or give us a call at 512-433-6609, or 512-378-3267 for more information.

Michael Binns Referral System


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