Protecting Your Family’s Future – Life Insurance

This topic is not going to be your favorite thing to think about.  In fact, I’ve been putting off writing and posting my series of articles on Life Insurance for the very same reason.

It’s a fact – planning ahead for the passing of a loved one one, include yourself – just isn’t at the top of most people’s list.

Unfortunately, no one is guaranteed a tomorrow.  The question you have to ask is yourself is – if I don’t make it home tomorrow night, will my family be in a position to maintain their lifestyle I have worked so hard to create for them?

No amount of money can eliminate the pain of losing a loved one. However, with some due diligence and advance planning, proceeds from a life insurance policy can create an opportunity to heal by allowing families to spend extra time together without having to return to work right away in order to pay the bills.
Proceeds can pay off debt, fund college and even establish a legacy for survivors and their family members.
Did you know that death benefits from life insurance proceeds are not taxable, nor do they become part of an estate’s tax liability under most scenarios?
In addition, depending on the type of life policy taken out, you can also generate cash value which can be used at any time for any reason – and again tax free if structured properly.
Properly funded permanent policies can also be used decades down the road as a retirement income supplement – and again tax free if properly structured.

Over the course of the next few weeks please look for a series of articles on the topic of Life Insurance.  We’ll dig deeper into key topics such as:

For now the most important thing is to get motivated and get smart.  Bad things happen to good people – every single day.

Don’t put off the most important purchase you will ever make, and don’t go it alone – get the help and advise form an experienced licensed professional.